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2009 – Freedom

Last year I wrote that I want to live happily. Yes it is so abstract, but if I compare how many times I was hiding away from the world and crying alone in my room, this year definitely I AM MUCH HAPPIER! Except of being myself, here are some highlights of my 2009.

1. Learning swimming
For 23 years I could not swim and now I can, at least the basic style lah! I’ve started to love swimming since I did diving last year in Sabang.
2. Traveling
This year I managed to go to Macau and Hong Kong, Malacca, Kota Kinabalu and Brunei, Bali and Lombok.
3. Learning cooking
My resolution about this was actually trying 1 new recipe every week. But it turned out that I only can do 1 new recipe every month. But it is still considering a highlight because I never be interesting in cooking before for the whole my life. Will make it more routine next year.
4. Watching some gigs: Oasis, Lady Gaga and Lenka. Love them all! And there will be more artists I like coming next year such as Backstreet Boys (“aaaaaaarghh!!”) and Kings of Convenience.

I don’t like to talk about the lowlights actually, so just a short one(*). Except about LDR thing, the lowlights are the feeling of not enough for everything: not enough reading, not enough learning, not enough working, not enough saving, not confident enough. Sometimes it’s good being an ambitious person to catch all dreams, but sometimes it’s so tiring. I need to learn how to be grateful in some points, and not envy others’ life too much. (*so this one you called ‘short’?)

What I want to do on next year are very clear. I want to wear bracket (think my teeth got a problem), do lasik, take diving lesson (without r), traveling South East Asia, read 50 books and some other privacy targets. What about yours?

Well the most important thing is being happy. I am happy! This is the best year ever in my life, and I hope I can say that in the end of every year onwards.

P.S. I am writing this on my waiting time of countdown in Marina Bay with the whole family. Happy new year everybody!

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