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2010 – Keep Traveling

One good thing of updating blog/journal regularly, at least once a month, is I can read and look back on what I’ve been up to in the past year. This year I was wandering like crazy. Not necessary traveling to oversea, but also to places in Singapore where I haven’t been yet (quite difficult tho to find new place in this teeny weeny country).

When nobody wanted to go, I kept going, solo-backpacking it was. When I didn’t like my traveling partners, I kept going. When no other girls in the group, I kept going (the Boy was quite angry about this). When the works in the office were hectic, sorry Boss, I kept going. When my Dad didn’t approve my next trip plan, what the heck, I kept going.

My family do not like going out that much. Holiday means staying at home lazily, watching tv and sleeping whole day. Sounds ‘fun’, huh? I could not do much other than obeying this rule since I did not have enough money to go around by myself. The young-me also did not have many friends to go out, so I was left at home. Now I have my own money, I do not live with my parents anymore, I am free, and I have a bunch of friends. Sometimes I did not tell my Dad that I was going somewhere, I was afraid he would be angry and try to stop me, so I always told him after I finished traveling. I think somehow this made him change. He does not forbid me traveling anymore, in that way I won’t be afraid to tell him about my upcoming trip.

But I just realized what he was trying to say to me was quite true. He wants me to not travel too much, in order to save money. He wants me to see traveling as learning new things in other countries, not only for having fun nor collecting stamps. Instead of traveling to near countries in 2-3 days every month, he suggested to go to a faraway big country once a year.

Now I start thinking about it.

One of my resolutions this year was traveling around South East Asia. I am really keen about that, and I am quite satisfied with my journeys. I haven’t finished them all, like Laos and Philippines (psst I cannot write “Philippines” without checking it to dictionary first), but I feel enough. I set too many small resolutions for this year, but only 5 out of 14 are achieved. So for next year I just want to set one goal, but SUPER BIG. I hope it will determine my future and passion, because I’m tired of feeling “what am I doing in my life?”

Meanwhile, I will be still wandering around. It is not about completing the checklist anymore, it will be more about the journey.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

5 thoughts on “2010 – Keep Traveling”

  1. that's true. it's a good way to reflect how your year has been going.

    i've the same (sorta) resolution too: travel more. see the world more.


    good luck in achieving your goal!

  2. I agree, the fun is in the journey and learning as we go. You were smart to tell your dad about some of the trips after so he could get used to the idea of you traveling and not worry too much.

    I don't have a resolution yet. I hope that means I am content.

  3. You're so… lucky, being able to be wanderer; traveling around the world; having and meeting new friends.
    Most people, I think, love traveling… but only some having chances to do it. And you're one of those lucky people.

    Best wishes.

  4. wow. you have many courage to travel to me it's a very good thing. nothing's wrong with traveling. especially when it's already becoming your hobby. hope you can fulfill all your resolutions 🙂

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