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2011 – Real Adventure

My only one resolution in 2011 was: “Moving out from Singapore”. I made it… after so much praying, thinking, debating, and crying. I am really grateful for the encouragement I got from my closed friends, to make this happened, to help me taking the risk. I almost canceled it. It was indeed the hardest decision I made in my life so far.

Now I feel good about it. Even though sometimes I think I am walking on the spot in term of my career, but I don’t regret this. I get more in returns. This adventure is irreplaceable.

My highlights of 2011:

Most things happened in the second half of the year. Thank you Allah for everything. I still expect more adventure in 2012, but I hope I will be more focus in my learning and career. Someday this year, I will come back for good.

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