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Another Coincident Day

I went to dental near house but it’s closed. So I went to a clinic in Jurong Point which I know it’s opened in Sunday. But apparently today the dentist was already full and I didn’t make appointment first. Then I made one for tomorrow evening. So yay no dentist today (lahh ko seneng?!).

Then I walked around in Jurong Point mal to look for food and bookstore. A friend asked me to find one particular book. I know there’s Popular here but I don’t know exactly the place. I’m not too familiar with this shopping centre. And I know there’s Banquet, halal food court, here but dunno where. I thought it’s OK if I can’t find Banquet, I’d just grab into KFC then. So I put my luck on my feet to search bookstore.

When I passed UOB, there are an MC, a box and many people gather around in front. I came closer and found out that there’s a chance to get PSP and other gifts, by showing your visa or master card. After showing my UOB visa card, I came into the box with papers in it consists of point(s). They turned on the fan so the papers flied over everywhere around the box, I had to catch them as many as I can to get 100 points to win PSP. After counting, I got 73 points, no PSP but spa voucher in Subtle Sense worth S$150. Yay just in right time I need facial for my burned face after Macau-HK trip last week.

Then I continue my journey. Still not find bookstore, I saw some teens sitting with a yogurt cup. I looked around and tada… I found a new fro-yo stall called Yami (97% free fat). It has taste of natural, blueberry, peach and other one I forget. I ordered 1 regular cup of natural taste, it’s really yummy!

Not far away from it, there’s Banquet (and Popular beside it :D). Finally I can eat porridge. I was craving for it since I got toothache.

End of unimportant blabbering.

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