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Apprehensive April

This month….

I like: How I Met Your Mother TV series. I’ve heard about this very long time, and I’ve already got some latest copies since few months ago, but I just had time to watch them last week. And I could not stop watching it since then. Yeah I know it’s late, but who cares. I like Barney, the suit guy.

I want you to know: that lately I’ve become apprehensive about my future. Have you been in this situation: you’re taking holiday, forget about the real world, you’re having fun, then you’re back and find your surroundings suddenly are moving on, this friend is getting married, that friend is taking higher school, another friend resigned and got a better job? What?! Whoaa.. seems like you’re left behind. Everybody is chasing their dreams while you’re traveling too much. That’s what I felt last month after going back from Kuala Lumpur holiday. I wanted to sit down and take a moment to think what I am going to do with my life, but I’d already had another holiday plan on the next weekend (to Phuket). And also the next weekend (to Jakarta). Yeah I still don’t know how I planned my holidays, last month I went oversea to neighborhood countries on 3 weekends in a row. When I departed to Phuket I prayed, “God I hope there won’t be any news again about my friends, that make me jealous, after I come back from this holiday later. Amen!”

I don’t like: Batam Center. To complete the 3-weekends-in-a-row-traveling, on the next weekend I went to Batam (so it becomes 4 weekends in a row going oversea). It is one of small islands in Indonesia but very closed to Singapore, only 1 hour by boat. So, I went there in the morning and came back in the afternoon. Yeah the people are friendly, in fact they’re too friendly asking too many private questions and I freaked out. So if you go there (especially for solo woman), my suggestion is do not talk to anybody, even the security guys are creepy. Anyway, things there are cheaper than Singapore. Except shopping, I planned to have hair spa, manicure and pedicure, but the salon in the mal connected to harbor terminal was full. The town is so boring, I will never go back there again.

I’ve planned: to wear suit or dress or any formal clothes for one whole week. Let’s call it the perfect week: seven days, seven suits. Not only it’s inspired by Barney, but this is also because I am tired with my office environment where everybody is wearing jeans and t-shirt. Once I wore a nice suit to office, a colleague asked “are you going for interview in other company?” *sigh*. I know some people may prefer casual clothes for work, but I just don’t like it. I’d love to wear the blazers, pant and skirt suits.. you know, all those stuffs. So, let’s do this challenge!

I want to say to: myself (oh God I’m so self-centered), to become more sociable.

12 thoughts on “Apprehensive April”

  1. Barney is hilarious. He makes that show!
    I'm always concerned about my future, I'm feeling left behind. I guess I am to, after all I changed study direction which mean I'll graduate so many years later then all my friends. I wish I was done, I wish I could work and earn my own money… Ah, the only good thing is that luckily it will happen. Even though not right now.

    How lucky are you that you get to go to Phuket and Jakarta. Two of my desired travel destinations!

  2. hahaha. formal wear. i'm not so sure about that…. i mean i used to wear like formal wear to work. i mean, in my profession *cough* as a doctor *cough* we have to wear formal most of the time, unless we wear scrubs, but these days, i couldn't be bothered but wear jeans to work ahahha.

    in fairness, i have non-blue jeans and i wear them to work :p

  3. @Carina
    And I'd really love to visit Norway and Sweden, ha!

    It's good that we could choose which kind of clothes we wear in the office, either casual or formal. Btw, I like the way Addison Montgomery dressed up 😀

  4. i've only seen two episodes of How I Met Your Mother but I liked what I saw. Try not to think about other's lives and their paths. Have you ever thought that traveling is chasing YOUR dream? Cos I feel that way now, even though I'm on long "vacation"… I'm still chasing my dreams. Heck, I'm living my dreams!

  5. Ah lady, enjoy your travel time! I don't think there's anything wrong with taking some down-time to relax and explore … I wish I could do that. Besides, I'd rather see as much of the world as I can before settling into a career 🙂 Just take your own time 🙂 And I have yet to see "How I Met Your Mother" but I want to because I love two of the main actors!

    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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