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Around the World

I’ve been around the world and I’ve seen it all

How to visit UK, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Jordania, Tanzania, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Australia, US, China, Japan, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Korea all in one day? Come to Aiins World, Korea! It is a theme park which displays miniature of famous buildings in the world. Here are some pictures to compare between the real one (on the left side) and its miniature in Aiins World (the right one).

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sacre Cour in Paris, France

Almost the same, right? The miniature is so detail that you think you’re seeing the real one. Ok, that’s too much haha but yeah, I’ve been to some of the places and I would say they look almost the same. As you may know, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still under construction since 1883, and there are a lot of cranes construction on the site. In Aiins World, they also built the crane miniature for that. Isn’t it cute?

Sagrada Familia construction in Aiins World

About 50 miniatures from 24 countries are showing there, with France and US have the most displays (around 7 miniatures each). I guess that resembles Korean people who always look up to France and US countries.

Empire State Building that appears in numerous Hollywood movies such as King Kong

How to get there? Take subway Line 1, go out at Songnae Station Exit 2. Take bus (from this link it’s saying to take bus number 5-2), or taxi (5-10 mins ride). Since I was going there with 2 other people, it’s better to take taxi, which costs around 4,000 krw, almost the same with taking bus (3 x 1,000 krw). Taking taxi from Songnae Station is easy, because there are many taxis lined up near the bus stop just besides the station. In the other hand, getting taxi back from Aiins World is quite difficult because it’s located in a quiet residence area, but it is not that bad.

Ticket price is 10,000 krw at day, and 5,000 krw at night. I went there during daytime, so I don’t know how beautiful the miniatures are in the lights. The cafetaria and souvenir shop is located near the main gate, but do not expect too much because not all stalls are opened. You better bring your own foods or eat somewhere else before/after. When I went there, not so many visitors came to that place, considering also it was on weekdays. The good thing is that made me really convenient to explore and take pictures of all the miniatures freely. There was also a ride theme park, with rollercoaster, merry go round etc, on the right side of Aiins World. Therefore, it would be good to come here with your children and family, to teach the children and let them familiar with those famous building in the world, and to play or have fun in the same time.

I think, this theme park is not really a unique thing of Korea. We can find also such a (bigger) theme park in another city like Schenzhen in China . So, if you travel to Korea from other country with limited times, I don’t recommend this place, haha. But if you live here for quite sometimes and you want to visit a new place out of Seoul but still reachable by subway, then Aiins World is one of the choices.

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  1. sooo… what is the most fun theme park in Korea? I shall at least visit one, right? 😀 that sounds fun, though.. and I'm kinda curious how it looks like at night, I'm guessing it'll have little lights and stuff? that would be cute! *not really for taking photographs, though* 😀 😀

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