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Boardgaming Cafe

Friday morning, the Outlook Calendar reminded the ISI Fun agenda on 12 – 4 pm. It is my boss and Renuka who managed this fun time, while the rest: “do you know what actually we are going to do?” Until then we reached the place: Mind Cafe, a boardgaming cafe. Uwooooh I was like being a child back then, like when my parents took me to a playground, I was so happy and excited, I wanted to jump around couldn’t wait to play. Look at those games!!

So in this cafe, playing games is charged for each hour, no matter how many games you play. Then we can order the foods and snacks, their specialties are in western menu. But they also offered some packets, like 4 hours playing games including complete food menu (appetizer + main course + desert + free flow drink). At that time we played Taboo, Dirty Mind (we found the dirtiest person in the team haha!), Elephant Card, and Uno. I was really LOL-ing and ROFL-ing at that time. Never realized that my co-workers could also be so silly XD. Now I am starting to think of collecting unique cards and other boardgames!

I haven’t visited any boardgaming cafe before. I remember when I was staying in Santai resort in Weh island, me and my travelling-mate were sitting all night in the guest room, playing scrabble and other boardgames that we could borrow free from that resort, while listening to the voice of sea (oh how I miss Weh! >.<). I don’t know is there any boardgaming cafe in Indonesia, but we can find quite a lot here in Singapore. Like my boss said, boardgaming cafe in Indonesia (if any) should offer some traditional games like Congklak or Bekel kenyit


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