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Me and friend reached Suntec on 7pm, and trapped in Burberry sale queue. I don’t know about this one before, not as famous as Body Shop sale (and I’d just found out about Charles and Keith sale and there’s also IT Show -_- ahh these are just too many). If we had more time we might come looking around in this sale, but Body Shop sale is closed on 8pm so then we’re in hurry getting out from this crowd.

The Body Shop queue is like hell. When we get closed to the room, it’s only left 15 minutes to look around and shop. Someone from Body Shop announced that people who are still outside are invited to come tomorrow. Somes are going home, but others still persisted to queue. And yet, we’re still allowed to come in.

The announcer repeatedly said to costumers to stop shopping and go to cashier immediately, but people didn’t listen to it and even the salesgirls/boys still served them. I finished shopping on 9.15pm and there are still many buyers left inside. I think it will be REALLY closed around 10pm. So don’t give up girls! 😉

These are what I get.

Happy body-shopping!

Two days later, I came back to buy these.


7 thoughts on “Body-Shopping”

  1. jeng dibon, makanya main kesini dongg…rik, lu beli puff jg…gw jg!!
    cuma sedolar sih, beli dua deh…
    kalap!! kalap!!


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