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Cache with the Cat

Heya, I’m still alive!Last week I went to the cat city for 3 days. I had booked a cheap hostel before I arrived there. However, in Kuching immigration queuing, I saw an ads about Tunes Hotel. I really had no idea there’s Tunes Hotel in Kuching, no traveling sites mention about that hotel, I guess it’s kinda new. I never stayed in Tunes though, but I heard the beds and showers are good and we don’t have to pay for things we don’t need and use, it is a 3 stars hotel with hostel price. I know there’s in Bali and Kuala Lumpur, but not in this small city (and apparently there’s one in Kota Kinabalu and Penang as well). I tried to call the hotline with no avail and surely charged my roaming phone badly. So, back to the previous plan then, stay in a hostel I booked via telephone few days before (without fee).

When the taxi dropped me and I saw the place from outside: tiny and hidden, even many good reviews about this place in traveling websites but still I decided to walk away and find another place. That was quite terrifying for me since I never find hotel on the spot in my solo traveling before.. I’m in a strange place alone, how if I cannot find a place to stay?! From the map I knew many hotels around there because it’s near waterfront of Sarawak River. So yeah, not too faraway from that, I spotted Singgahsana Lodge. I truly recommend this place, it’s cozy, clean, having female dorm, nice staffs, and a bar on the rooftop facing the waterfront from apart. Later I realized in-flight magazine of Tiger Airways (flight I took from Singapore to Kuching) also recommends this place. Singgahsana also offers tour packages and transportation to some tourist places out of town.

There is one saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Since I went alone, surely I couldn’t go too far to Sarawak forests, rivers, caves and other wild natural things. But I didn’t plan to go around fast either. In fact, I didn’t have any plan haha. I just asked the lodge staff where to go in Kuching. To make a long story short, I walked along waterfront and trying local foods in hawker there, took Sarawak River Cruise while watching sunrise and traditional dances, went to Sunday Market where they sell anything. Also as a beach bum I’d like to try all beaches in places I go, so I went to Damai beach and quite disappointing to find the plain beach. Conclusion: special things in Borneo island are the forest, natural park and river, not the beach.

Well it was a nice trip to getaway from hectic Singapore for a while.

5 thoughts on “Cache with the Cat”

  1. yay you've been to my hometown!!!

    🙂 that's why kuchingnites (apparently that's how we call ourselves) go to bali to beach. huhu. beaches in kuching is yes, disappointing.

    glad you had much fun. if i was in kuching i would have driven you around.

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