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Can We Disqus It?

Testing new sophisticated application for blog commenting: DISQUS. With this app, you can allow your blog readers to leave comments by using their Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo! and Disqus accounts. You can add some restricted words and blacklisted items for filtering comments. You can see all comments you’ve posted and the reply (if any) all over the web. This is just so integrated. And for me you who are too lazy to design your blog by looking into html/css code, the installation of Disqus only takes few minutes, not complicated at all. For Blogger user, just Download Full Template of your current template, then choose that .xml file to be integrated with Disqus code which will be generated automatically, you just need to copy paste the code back to your layout template. Easy peasy! Well I can’t compare to other services because I’ve used only blogspot default comment system for my whole bloglife, so this Disqus is good.

Glad to have new toy. Thanks to Gia, and happy exploring! 🙂

1 thought on “Can We Disqus It?”

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