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I’ve been listening to Pitbull since I watched Fast and Furious 4 movie last year. The soundtracks are full of his songs: Blanco, Krazy, etc. Few months later he released his new album, it’s also enjoyable! How can we not dance when hearing I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) and Room Service?! No wonder when I heard he’s coming to Jakarta this May, I was excited and disappointed at the same time. The concert was held in the middle of the week, I could not take day off to fly to Jakarta from Singapore only to watch Pitbull. Why wasn’t he coming to Singapore?! That’s when I realized, maybe he IS planning to stop by Singapore as well.

I googled and found an unfamous site stated Pitbull is coming to Jakarta and (yay!) Singapore this May, but no other details about the Singapore one. I guess people in Singapore are less maniac about this Doggy than Jakarta people. Tickets were already sold out in Jakarta, while here’s no any news how to buy the tickets yet. The publication was not so big here.

Well anyway, I watched it last Tuesday! It was 1 week after the concert in Jakarta (you could see the review in Andhari’s blog, haha IN YOUR FACE! You know what, I also read so many bad words about Pitbull on my Twitter timeline. For those who don’t know about Pitbull, you’re really not happening, guys!). Opening act was by DJ Inquisitive, the one who also performed on Lady Gaga’s concert and City Alive! There must be only few DJs in Singapore.

The show started at 8 PM, but Pitbull finally came out around 9.30 PM (I heard a lot of voice “come on, I have to work tomorrow!”). It was so fun, even though I could not sing along the songs which mostly in Spanish. There’s one song I never heard before, Pitbull asked us to say it out loud: Watagatapitusberry (I didn’t know how to pronounce it at that time). There was a latino couple behind me laughing and screaming it out loud, like they really understood what it means. Don’t google the meaning, okay!

Although the lyrics are absurd, Pitbull’s songs are always fun to dance! One of my favorites was Shut It Down where Pitbull sang: “oooh can’t nothing hold me down, I’m gonna touch the sky” and asked us to look at the sky and try to touch it (oh the concert was in Fort Canning park, an outdoor venue. I was quite worried, because 2 hours before the show it was still raining). The sky was beautiful, I barely notice it in my daily life. The last song he performed: “now jump up let’s get Krazy!” I literally jumped up. It was great! I came home with no voice, shaking legs and tired all over body. Dalleeee!

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  1. heyahaha… the funny thing was that he kept his biggest hits (Hotel Room, Krazy) for encore, which was almost drag the gig down when the crowds failed to gather enough applause. solution: get the percussionist to drum up the crowds :))

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