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Days Lately

Finally not about World Cup, eh! These what I’ve been up to lately (except World Cup, d’oh!).

Mika concert and River Festival (click the picture to read more)

Another thing is Just Dance! So in the company, we have Recreational Club who organizes fun activities for employees. This month we held a dancing workshop called Just Dance, one free session each for Hip Hop, Club Groove, Salsa and Belly Dance in Dance On Us. Hip Hop, as I expected, was fun! The instructor taught us few movements for one particular song (an MJ song, to commemorate 1 year of his death). It was practically the same like Hip Hop class in Fitness First Pacific Place I usually took every week when I was still in Jakarta. That was my favorite class among others FF classes like Yoga, Body Balance and Body Combat. My favorite instructor was Bayu, I don’t know he’s still working there or not.

Anyway, this one, as I not expected, was more tiring than in the last times. Besides the fact that I had not practiced for long time, it might be because we tried to finalize one full dance in 2 hours straight. So not only tired physically but also overloaded in brain, too much information. Usually the regular class only lasts for 1 hour. And now my feet are shaking and so painful!

The second class I took was Club Groove.

Club Groove is a dance class that teaches your body a new language that makes you feel instantly cool and confident in any occasion you choose to strut your stuff. The class prepares your body to be at ease with various types of music. Recommended for beginners who wish to pick up some cool moves for clubs and social events. 

This class was more relax than Hip Hop, not too challenging, but really helps to be confident in moving in social life. Hip Hop is like what I want, Club Groove is like what I need. Humm, I am thinking to join the regular class.

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