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Deal or No Deal?

This morning robotics lecturer announced the temporary grade of students…the A-er (they who got grade-A) don’t have to attend the final test, C-er must, while for B-er it’s optional…but if they failed in this final test, there is still possibility for their grade move to C. The B-er is quite many, about twice than total of A-er and B-er, but it seems that the proclivity from B-er is not attending final test. Among 20 B-ers, there are only 3 persons (including me) who seemed interested. Uhhh confuse…this 3 people were OK to take the final test but they hadn’t studied hard for this. The lecturer ridiculed us, then offered, “if you just answer 75% correctly from these questions, your grade will raise directly”. Deal or no deal?

Rika1: “Come on, Rika! Maybe the exam is easy”
Rika2: “How if difficult?”

(Suddenly turned to the lecturer) Rika : May I see the questions first, Sir?”
Lecturer: “Of course not!”

(Rika sat back and thinking…)
Rika1: “You know, he (the lecturer) is a simple person, he doesn’t make many complicated questions”
Rika2: “Yeah, usually only 2 questions, but quite difficult”

Rika1: “Actually they were not difficult, you just didn’t study”
Rika2: “Uh-huh! Now my brain is also empty”

Rika1: “There are still 15 minutes to go, you can read the slides”
(Rika2 curled her lips) Rika2: “15 minutes moyang lo!
Rika1: Moyang lo also dong?”
(…mulai ga penting…)

Rika1: “I hardly believe you give up before you fight”
(Rika sat steadily) Rika2: “You got me, man!”
Rika1: Aja aja fighting!”

So finally I decided to take the exam, followed by others 2 A-fighters. Obviously the questions are…….not bad! Two questions as I thought before, but it seems only 50% I answered correctly. I hopes the lecturer touched emotionally with the fighting of those 8 persons (only 8 persons decided to attend the final exam, there are also some C-ers who didn’t want to take it), so he directly raise their grade, Ameen! Or maybe I could get extra points for answering the questions in english (that was the rule…canggih juga tu dosen!)

The most important thing is you have been fight, Rik! With 50% corrects, your grade won’t be move down to C. Hhhh uas perbaikan yang aneh, why is the announcement of who got A/B/C exactly on the final test day??! But this is my last final exam I (hope) had in ITB, yihuu…

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