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Different Perspective

Have you ever experienced this, when you saw people you know from distance, for example your colleagues who are on the same way towards office, but you were not in the mood for talking to them (for any reasons), so you just runaway taking another bus or hid behind, and when they discovered you and said hello, you said hello back pretend you didn’t see them before. It is so poker face, and sometimes I did, but I hope I could minimize this thing happen again, because I want to be a nice girl, for everybody.

Okay let’s move on, my post this time is actually about how we see things differently from others. When you’ve lived in one place for long time (describe yourself how long precisely the long time is), you might feel no special anymore, not like when you first time coming to that particular city. I’ve lived in 5 different cities so far, each time I moved I thought those cities were mystery. I didn’t know where the hanging out place, I didn’t know how the people spend their times, I didn’t know what areas they’re talking about, everything seemed blur and I was excited to know more and more. But the time goes by, we’re trapped in our routine activities, commuting between home to office or on the way to anywhere else around the city feels no amazement anymore, we make ourselves busy with gadgets and books, not looking around and sightseeing. In one word… BORING!

One day I came to a blog post telling about her short visit to Singapore. My way of seeing Singapore is totally different than her touristy story. It happened also when I lived in Jakarta and Bandung before. My family from out of town were so excited each time visiting me in those cities. I missed that kind of feeling. So that day in the bus going home from office, I put aside my Blackberry, iPod and book, then stared to the window looking at the flats, apartments, trees, roads and people. Things that we’ll miss someday when we no longer live here. Things that we’ll regret someday why we didn’t have a look when we lived here. We’re (some people) focus on living in Europe and going around the world, maybe we can try to explore new places in our current city/country first that we haven’t visited before. When was your last time you’re being a tourist in your current living city?

Like the way baby/kids seeing things for the first time.

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