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Disclosed Kampong Glam

Kampong in Malay means village, and Glam is not from GLAMour as I guessed before but it is referring to trees that grew a lot in this area. It is located near Bugis MRT. I like walking along the peaceful Bussorah street there, a pedestrian mall with old building shops selling souvenirs, halal foods and Arabian things. The great Sultan Mosque stands as the background, quite attract few tourists to visit it because we can hardly find a mosque with dome in Singapore, and this mosque is one of the historical buildings.

Not too far from the mosque, there is Malay Heritage Center which was once being Sultan’s palace in the old days. Before British came to Singapore, this country was in authority of Sultan of Johor, but then he made a treaty with British. In exchange, British gave this area for Sultan’s residency.

From the outside it looks kinda boring, so I did not go into the museum. In the yard we can find replica of Rumah Gadang (which is traditional house from West Sumatra, Indonesia) and Pinisiq boat (from Bugis, Indonesia). Nothing original, because actually Kampong Glam was the place of Malay and Muslim immigrants.

3 thoughts on “Disclosed Kampong Glam”

  1. hubby and me attended a daurah somewhere in kampung glam @ ramadan but im not aware there's rumah gadang. hmm….

    oh btw, we shall not performing salat by graves. (im talking about mesjid sultan) even if its a grave of pious leaders. just so you know 🙂

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