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Feb 11st, 2007: Codefest 1st Day

Obviously the 3 musketeers (Roni-san, Ronny-san and Simon-san) stayed up all night on the Selasar, managing the stage for Codefest Opening Ceremony today. They came back to the hotel at 4am and had to go back to campus on 7am. How a pity!

At noon, while the participants had a break, I came near to Mr Niibe to demand the cost for accommodation and transportation of the japaneses. I thought he was the coordinator, but he wasn’t. He then called all japaneses to gather around me. Mak, I was encircling by japaneses….ampun! Fortunately Yohanes-san realized this situation and came directly to join this tiny meeting. Hff! ~_~;

Finally, after each japanese knew how much they have to pay, they were back to the codefest room for preparing the money. But Mr Yabuki didn’t have a cash, so he asked me to accommpany him to ATM. Dag dig dug, I was almost fainted. ATM is quite far (about 15 minutes) on ITB front gate….how if I wouldn’t understand his talk??
But it was just illusion (haha!). We could understand each other’s talk, and I had sufficient time asking him about robotics in Japan. Since that, I hadn’t been afraid again to speak english with the foreigner. Just talking, we still can use body language if being forced, right?

After delivered him back, Mr Takazawa (he was the real coordinator) asked me to accommpany another japanese, Mr Yatabe, to ATM. What?? Huhuhu cruel….I had been old….I can’t stand to walk from 4th floor of Labtek V to ITB front gate, back and forth!!!

But it’s OK (lah), Mr Yatabe is pretty awesome, and I had had an eye on this guy since last night! 😛
While walking, he suddenly asked me where to buy Mentari voucher. He had a Jakarta Mentari number and some friends in Indonesia to be called. But there wasn’t cellphone voucher shop in ITB at the weekend, so I promised him that one of the committees would look for it outside of ITB.

After delivered him back, I had a break in the secretariat place while eating Hoka Hoka Bento (hahaha yesterday I had no idea, so I ordered the japanese food for lunch today). Suddenly Mr Taka came in the room looking for me. It’s very nice he came to me at the 2nd floor, eventhough I had already told him that I was the one who would come to him, to settle the expense matter. So there we were, on the Database Laboratory, counting the money together. He’s very kind, friendly, cute and amusing 🙂

At night, after made an effort to buy a Mentari voucher for Mr Yatabe, I went home (Dewi-san had already been in my board to stay there tonight). Tomorrow, Dewi-san, Ronny-san and I were going to depart together by taxi to the Hussein Sastranegara airport at 4am. And I hadn’t finished packing yet.

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