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Feb 12nd, 2007 : The Day Before Symposium

People who departed to Bali today (at 6am by Merpati Airlines) are Dewi-san, Ronny-san, Mrs Hira, Mrs Yani and family, Mr Riza, Mr Isman (deputy of Divusi, sponsor), Mr Benhard and wife, Mr Taka, Nobuyori-san, Veriyanta-san, Anissa-san (MC) and me. We left Roni-san, Simon-san, Mrs Nelly and Yohanes-san in Bandung because they still had to manage the 2nd day of Codefest. Tomorrow, the symposium would be started, so all the seminar kits, souvenirs, and other equipments had been brought to Bali today with us.

Mrs Hira, Mr Benhard and wife, Mr Taka and Nobuyori-san went to Westin Hotel (where they stayed). Dewi-san, Mrs Yani and family, Mr Isman, Anissa-san and I went to the Swiss Grand Nusa Dua hotel (where we stayed), while Ronny-san, Mr Riza and Veriyanta-san went to Westin Hotel to put all the equipments at the secretariat place.

My group arrived at Swiss Grand at noon. It’s really hot there, made me directly take a bath immediately before going to the symposium location at Westin with Dewi-san, Mrs Yani and Anissa-san. When we arrived at Westin, Aqsa the driver left directly, Mrs Yani settled the hotel check-in for some symposium participants on the receptionist desk, Dewi-san (accompanied by Anissa-san) had a talk with Maki-san about the registration things, so I was left alone at the sofas on the lobby hotel, waiting for them.

Beautiful lobby hotelSuddenly there was an old foreigner guy walking back and forth near my sit. I saw him looking at me, so I smiled. It’s normal, right? But he acted so awkward. He walked farther from me but his head turned back (still) watching me with a meaningful gaze, and waved his right hand as if asking me to come to him. Suddenly, I understood what he meant, and directly I threw my face.

Maybe I was still shocked because of this old foreigner guy or too much admired this beautiful lobby hotel…because suddenly I realized that I was really left alone at the lobby. I found Dewi-san, Anissa-san and Mrs Yani had gone! I was very upset (and regretting why I didn’t accept the old foreigner guy’s invitation!), and straightaway sending an sms to Dewi-san angrily. About 5 minutes later, Dewi-san approached me by running helter skelter (halah!), “I’m so sorry, I thought you had already gone to the secretariat place….” I hadn’t ~_~!

At night, I and the other committees had a dinner in Westin and ate too much. But, there were also too many jobs to be done. Dewi-san, Aqsa-san, Ronny-san, Arya-san and I worked there until 4am, also with Mr Benhard, Mrs Hira and some of CICC Japan Committees (Maki-san, Tomoko-san, Mr Taka and Ooki-san). It was a very long night…

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