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Feb 15th, 2007 : Symposium 3rd Day

On this last day, the symposium was only held in a half day, so there would be no lunch at Westin. But today I had a nice breakfast at Swiss Grand. I was feeling so sad to be separated from this event, and I was trying to make some friends in this rest time (I found Nobuyori-san is very friendly too).

After helping Mrs Yani to wrap the gifts for CICC Japan Committees, I walked around the symposium room’s door and registration desk, waiting Mr Taka came out from the room. My target today was having a picture with him!

Then suddenly he came. I talked to him directly, “Mr Takazawa, I want to have a picture with you…” He smiled and nodded, and I turned back to call Oka-san to picture me and Mr Taka. When I turned back, Oka-san had already been in a snapping position. Ahahahaha thanks a lot, Oka-san! You really did an awful thing to me today 🙂

At noon, the ITB Committees were being separated. Mr Riza, Veriyanta-san, Arya-san, Anissa-san and I joined the Ubud Tour with some participants. Mrs Yani, Mrs Hira, Dewi-san, Ronny-san and Mrs Nelly went shopping at Airlangga. While Simon-san, Aqsa-san and Roni-san went to the airport to extend some tickets.

Monkey TempleIn Ubud, we went to Batu Bulan Shopping Art (it’s quite expensive there, but there were 50% discounts for tour group), had a lunch at Bebek Bengil (dirty duck) Restaurant and visited Monkey Temple. This tour was arranged by ITB Committees, while CICC Japan Committees had another tour. So the symposium participant might choose which tour they want to join.

At 6pm, the bus arrived back at Westin Hotel. Anissa-san and I would go back to Swiss Grand with Mr Riza by taxi but after Mr Riza took his bag on the secretariat place. So, there we were (me and Anissa-san), on the lobby hotel, waiting for Mr Riza. The last person I want to see on the lobby is the old foreigner guy, and the first one is you know who. But the person I met was not both, it was Mr Yatabe.

I came towards him and had a chit chat. Than taking a tour, he prefered to walk around the hotel, have a massage, work out, swim, and have a sunbathe on Westin beach (yeah, this hotel has beach in the back!). Well, he was the last Japanese with whom I talked in Bali. I will miss them all (especially you know who) a lot.

At night, we the ITB Committees (excluded Yohanes-san, he was with his wife all the time) had a dinner together at Jimbaran, resuming the events. Each person said anything in their mind about the event. It was very nice, had laughing together, no load works anymore, but surely we all will miss this committee.

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