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Feb 16th-17th, 2007 : Days After Symposium

After having breakfast, Dewi-san, Anissa-san, Arya-san, Mrs Yani, Mrs Hira, Mrs Nelly and I went to Pasar Sukowati to shop for an hour. At noon, they all had to go quickly to the airport for 3pm flight back to Bandung, while Simon-san, Aqsa-san, Ronny-san, Roni-san and I would stay for one more night in Bali (at Ujay’s house, thx Ujay!). We rent a car for one day, and went first to Dreamland beach, to meet Indi and Tanya there. Well the end of this holiday, I spent with those 6 buddies, walked around Legian Kuta.

I had a flight to Jakarta tomorrow night with Adam Air, along with Simon-san, Aqsa-san and Roni-san (while Ronny san flight to Bandung, and Indi and Tanya flight with Air Asia). That is the end of my holiday in Bali.

4 thoughts on “Feb 16th-17th, 2007 : Days After Symposium”

  1. Rika chan.. It seems that those experiences will not be forgotten for the rest of your life. Anyway.. you should buy us some gifts from Bali *grin*

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