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In 2014, I did not travel much because of my pregnancy and then having a baby. In 2015, finally I could do some traveling mostly in the second half of the year when my baby already turned one. This is the list of my footage in 2015:

  1. Hyderabad, India. I went there for business trip but I got one whole day to explore the city and the foods.
  2. Singapore. After Hyderabad, I had 3 free days to travel. Many people warned how traveling in India was not safe for solo woman traveler. So, I did not extend my stay in India. I decided to extend my stay in Singapore instead, where my plane from Hyderabad to Jakarta was transited. Luckily my husband could join me to Singapore, so we traveled together, much like honeymoon, and remembering the old days when I was living there. At that time, my baby was around 7 months and left with my Mother. That was the first time I left her for a long time (9 days). Also that was the first time I visited Singapore again after 4 years since I moved out.
  3. Bandung, for a friend’s wedding. This was the first time we went out of town together three of us as family.
  4. Aceh (Lhokseumawe, Banda Aceh and Sabang), during Ied Fitri holiday.
  5. Belitung, joining ITB alumnus gathering.
  6. Singapore, again for business trip.
  7. Tasik, visiting my assistant’s hometown.
  8. Cirebon, during Christmas holiday.
There are few trips above I want to write here, hope I have the time (and the willing) to post them soon this year. While for this year trips, I do not have any specific plan yet which destinations to go. I need to consider 3 people’s plans (me, my husband, my daughter), not just me anymore. Personally I want to visit 12 Indonesian cities. Nothing fancy or far, just nearby cities in Java island perhaps. There are still many cities I never been in my they say beautiful country.
Cheers for more traveling this year!

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