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Get Your Sexy Back with JJ Lin

Singapore people have a campaign for young adults to drink alcohol moderately. Isn’t it nice? This program is named Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB), has been run for 2 years now. It is sponsored by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) to hold some positive events and activities. Having a slogan: “It’s not the drinking, it’s how you’re drinking”, they want to spread the message to people (especially young adults) for drinking responsibly and knowing your own limit, you would not be sexy anymore if you got too drunk.

Last Wednesday they made an event: GYSB Boomz Concert ’09 in Zouk‘s Velvet Underground. Zouk is one of the best clubs in Singapore and now supporting GYSB. The concert was nice, featuring some local musicians which are Jillian Marie Thomas, Da Feng Chui, Carrie Yeo and Chen Diya, En-x and the superstar JJ Lin.

As an expat (really?), I don’t know much about Singapore musicians (and most of them sing in Chinese), I was amazed with big enthusiasm from audience there for the last performer, JJ Lin. Me and my friend wondered who is that guy, seems like everybody knows him and waited for his performance. Apparently JJ Lin is a Singapore Chinese pop-singer who is currently living in Taiwan. He is cute! And the songs are catchy (I start listening to his songs now) as I also like that kind of pop-boyband songs although they are in Chinese (like F4(now JVKV)‘s songs for example).

And surprise surprise, he was in Sprite TV commercials with Se7en! I posted about that last year in my blog, but at that time it was because I like Se7en (Korean actor/singer) and didn’t have any idea about the other guy on those commercials. Here is the blog posting: Drink-Something Commercials (sorry it was written in Bahasa Indonesia but you could see some videos with JJ Lin in them). So it explains why that face was quite familiar for me when I saw him in GYSB concert.

Back to GYSB concert, I like Jillian Marie Thomas too, she sang some english familiar songs in acoustic mode. My favourite one is mixed song of Just Dance, Poker Face (Lady Gaga) and I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry). She also performed I Gotta Feeling (one of my fav songs right now), so yeah I like her performance that night! With some goodie bags and free flow drinks and free entry to Zouk (well that was in Ladies Night actually so I could come in without charge no matter what, but my friend could not), it was fun to attend this event. Thanks omy for inviting me. And now I’m a GYSB Friend 🙂

*sorry for the bad pictures, I didn’t prepare to bring my pocket camera, so I took the pics with my blackberry camera. Me and my friend sat and enjoyed the show peacefully from the backside with no perfect angle to take pictures of stage.

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