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Getting Old Happily

Llast Friday I was kind of having birthday. Yes, I’m getting old, thank you, but I was REALLY happy that day!

Usually, I spent hours before 12 AM with daydreaming and contemplating my life in the past and future, but that night I was not interested to think too much. I guess I’ve started taking this life not so serious anymore, that’s good.

I didn’t know what to do and I was not sleepy yet, so I phoned The Guy to demand a birthday greeting. Usually the birthday-person is being called, right? But this one vice-versa.

Around 7 AM, my parents woke me up by their call to say happy birthday and all the prayings. Thank you so much, Mom, Dad! 🙂 Then, as always, they told me to wake up early, and I said yes, but of course after the phone’s closed, I slept again.

I waited until 9.30 AM to go to the office because at that time taxi here won’t charge 30% more. I took taxi because I brought a baggage to office, planning to go directly to airport in the afternoon for flying to my home in Jakarta.

Arrived at the office, I found a gift on my chair.

Tadaaa! It’s Quidditch Lego!!!

I really love it, but I didn’t know from whom was that, no letter nor card. Maybe it’s from some wizards. I guessed Hagrid finally came to bring me to Hogwarts, like when he picked up Harry on Harry’s 11th birthday, but me on my 25th. Well, better late than never. (Thank you my wizard friends, for this fabulous gift :D)

Then some other friends came to my cubicle bringing flower saying it was from a handsome guy haha! During lunch they surprised me more with the cake.

Crazy People

Around 5.30 PM I went to Changi airport. While waiting for boarding, I replied the greetings on my Facebook one by one. Imagine without Facebook, no one will remember my birthday haha. Isn’t it nice, even though they didn’t remember it by heart and only said default words like ‘wish you all the best’, but I still feel like having full attention from the universe. Every human-being wants to be noticed.

Arrived in Soekarno Hatta International Airport, The Guy had been waiting there for me 🙂

And at home, my younger sister had prepared cakes!

The Day was just perfect. Thanks for making this birthday girl happy. I love my life 🙂

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