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Golden Mile – Thaitown in Singapore

Golden Mile Complex is one of the places where Thai immigrants in Singapore gather and look for Thai products. Yesterday I went there for the first time, with my Thai friend. Usually when we met up, I brought her to my favorite Indonesian eateries. Now it’s time for her to bring me to try authentic Thai foods.

We stopped by Lavender MRT, because the complex was located within 10 minutes walking distance. It is full of Thai shops, restaurants, bars, salons and supermarkets. The environment is totally different, you will feel as you are not in Singapore. All signs are in Thai, everybody spoke Thai. In front of the building, I saw a tiny praying spot with Buddha statue inside, and 2 elephant statues on the gate.

We went to a recommended food place named Nong Khai, which was located on the first floor. She did all the orders for me based on her favorite foods (and the fact that I did not eat pork). So we ate Papaya Salad, Seafood Salad and Beef Soup. It’s called Beef Soup but is filled with so many veggies. Moreover, three of the dishes are full of chilies. Thai people really like eating vegetables and spicy foods. This kind of foods cannot be found in localized Thai restaurants like Thai Express (I doubt that its owner is from Thailand). Plus sticky rice (my friend said this foods were better eaten with sticky rice rather than with normal rice) and ice tea, we spent about $30 for 2 people.

Done having dinner, we browsed the supermarket. As usual, my friend stocked herself with Thai foods for 1-2 weeks. She asked me to try some too. So I bought home an Instant Tom Yam Noodle, Koh Kae Peanuts and Strawberry Cakes. I tried Koh-Kae before, but never the coffee flavor, so I bought that one. It’s good!

That’s the end of my visit to Golden Mile Complex. I’m surprised there are so many Thai people in Singapore.

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