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How to Make Computer Slower

It is not a joke. I was looking for adjustable tools to make computer slower. Yes I know, we can have it just by installing windows vista, software games or some heavy applications, but I need something general for my validation application that will run in many PCs. I entered keyword ‘How to Make Computer Slower’ in search engine that answers every problem in your life Google, all articles told me the other way. Don’t they understand that this problem also important so I can finish my code and work and the boss will let me go home for Hari Raya holiday next week?! Well actually it is my fault to procrastinate everything 😛

So after spent few times searching needles among the straws, I found this website that lists all PC Slow Down tools (now obviously that I didn’t key in the exact keyword). I decided to use CPU Grabber because this software is from DirectX Microsoft so I believe it won’t do much harm. Another good app is CPU Killer, but not a freeware.

CPU Grabber has small GUI with trackbar to set the percentage of CPU usage, and buttons to start/stop and close. So, if you need it either for playing old games, showing the slow PC to your parents so they will get you a new one, or running software validation in stressed environment like what I’m doing, just run number of copies of this program (number of your CPUs/cores) and set for each 70% or more.

So sorry this is being a geek posting, I hope it will boost up searching index of ‘How to Make Computer Slower’ in Google leads to the correct articles.

7 thoughts on “How to Make Computer Slower”

  1. Thank you very much!!

    this is just what i was looking for. it is incredible how hard is to find this kind of programs on the internet. now i can run resident evil 1 !!!

  2. As a fellow blogger, I thank you for your blog article. I also are searching how to slow down CPU, as I have circa 1992 tape backup software (Central Point Backup 2 for Windows) that I think is using some sort of timing loop in it's algorithms, rather than using the system timer.. anyway it's running in Windows 3.11 and on a old Pentium MMX 233MHz, which is just to fast as it was written for 286/386 CPU's.

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