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Interesting Library in My Dream

Last night I had a dream about National Library of Singapore, one of my favorite places in Singapore (nerd!). I had posted about it here 5 years ago, on how I started to join membership in the central library. How was it going then? Well, turns out I used the membership quite often for the whole year. I might not visit the central library anymore (that was the only one time I went there) because it’s quite far from my apartment, but I often went to 2 library branches near my apartment.

The first library branch I often visited was Bukit Batok Public Library. The place was not big but it had enough books that made me hard to choose which ones to borrow first. The library was located on the 3rd floor of West Mall, a mall just outside Bukit Batok Bus Terminal and Bukit Batok MRT Station (red line), That was the nearest MRT station from my apartment, so I passed it almost everyday. I usually stopped by that library at night on my way home from office.

While on the weekend or when I had more time to spend, I usually visited Jurong Regional Library near Jurong East MRT Station, one station away from Bukit Batok MRT Station. This library had its own 4 storeys building that made it the biggest public library in Singapore. I really loved visiting this library and could spend the whole day there. Whole day? So you skipped lunch? No, no, just like National Library, this library had Hanis Cafe where you could study and read books while having some meals.

The dream I had last night actually took place in this Jurong Regional Library. I saw this place getting bigger; not just a building anymore but a complex. In the middle of it, there was a Ruin of Taiwanese American Post Office. So random, right? Was that for Taiwanese descent who’d changed citizenship status into American, like many Korean Americans out there? And why did these people need their own post office in Singapore? On the street in front of this post office ruin, many small cute white owls, like Hedwig but smaller, dancing in a beautiful forms. Not just small owls in there, many big white owls were also flying above the bookshelves. When my friend (suddenly I came with a friend? I thought I was going there alone) asked me to explore one of many doors with “Business” written on it, I said hold on I wanted to take a picture of the big owls which were now flying across the road. Some people crossed the road carelessly without waiting the green light, but I was waiting there patiently even though the road was empty, because you know, we were in Singapore, land of many rules. My dream stopped there.

Perhaps I should give Jurong Library a visit next time I went to Singapore.


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