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Internet and Mental Health

I found this fascinating quote today:

I have noted in Singapore that there is a tendency to shy away from direct engagement with strangers and to retreat behind a mobile screen and a set of headphones.The Digital Consultant, May 2010

Picture’s taken from here.

I feel this, and somehow started to follow the stream, became introvert and solitary. Help?

2 thoughts on “Internet and Mental Health”

  1. it's weird. i guess it's pretty much asian? because i'm so used to say sorry (like all the time here because people say sorry whenever they walk in front of you or overtaking you or whatever) and thank you like all the time too, the kind of habit that i learn after 6 years living in europe. and when i do the same back home, people look at me like i'm an alien or something. even when i pay the cashier and say thank you, she would stare at me like as if i just said fuck you.

    perhaps i was talking too fast that she couldnt catch that i said thank you, instead she thought i was saying fuck you.

    oh well.

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