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Jake January

I’ve just been blogwalking whole day and found many interesting blogs to read. One of them is offering this game called Piece of Me.

This month….

I like: that there will be another oversea trip for me. I am going to visit Kuching for 3 days. Where the hell is that, rik? Well, it is in Sarawak, one of Malaysia states in Borneo Island near Pontianak, Indonesia. I haven’t gone there before, so I decided to just book the tickets when I heard about Tiger Airways promo last year. Amazingly I could get the tix only S$12 for both ways Singapore-Kuching. I repeat, 12 Singapore Dollars! It’s like 8.55 USD or Rp. 80.375. So if I canceled going there anyway it was not so big deal to lose that amount of money. But I think I keep going. I am now inviting some travelers who are interested to go there together (love the rhythm) and contacting some travelers who are living there. Might this be an opportunity to meet new nice friends *crossfingers*.

I don’t like: that… surprisingly I don’t have anything to dislike about (yet).

I want you to know: that I have appointment tomorrow for applying Singapore Permanent Resident. Some friends of mine got rejected last year and might re-apply again 6-24 months (if they want to), but I hope mine is being approved.

I’ve planned: to start fulfilling my resolutions constantly (such as reading 1 book, watching 1 movie and cooking 1 recipe per week) and give myself a hard work in office. Work hard play harder!

I want to say to someone special: to BF, I.M.U.L.

It is fun. Visit Notes from the Toothfairy and join it.

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