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Join Korea Club in Singapore

Last week my friend who’s obsessed with Korea (after watching some KDrama) like me, found ads about this upcoming Korea party and asked me to come together.

What is it?
I also don’t know haha everything about Korea just makes me excited. Well, actually you can see the list of activities on the above link.

How much is it?
Ticket price is $30 for public, $25 for Wah! Korea Club member, $20 for member who buys in early bird period until May 16th.

How to be a member?
We can fill up the application form via online, or directly visit Korea Tourism Organization office in Singapore. The card will be printed immediately on the office. It’s free!

Where is the office?
It’s called Korea Plaza, located in Samsung Hub, Raffles Place (walking distance from Raffles Place MRT). It’s opened only weekdays (Mon-Fri) 10 am – 7 pm, so we went there as fast as we could after finished work on Thursday. When we arrived, there was K-Pop dance course going on. The place is very exciting and colorful with phototaking booth, hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), some small statues and accessories, and many more.

After we got our tickets, we’re off to have dinner in Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, which is famous among tourists because it offers so many kinds of foods that you can taste from unique local foods until western. Specially at night, a small street beside it turns to a food place too with many Satay stalls. There will be many people approach and guide you to sit in front of their stalls. I think there is no special stall so you can choose any stall you want.

The price there is quite high. We ordered 10 chicken satay plus 4 chicken wings. Based on the menu, it should cost us $12 + $6 = $18. But when it’s being served, the lady told us to pay only $12 for both. Whoaa I don’t know why! I guess (but not necessary true) the price in the menu is for foreigners, not for ‘local people’ like us 😛

That’s it for that night. Hope the party next 2 weeks will be fun.

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