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Kerugian Teknologi

I’d never experienced it before. Pernah sih kalau lagi pake ATM suka mengkhayal sendiri… gimana ya kalo tiba-tiba kartu gw ga mau keluar? Gimana ya kalo duitnya ga keluar padahal tabungan gw dah berkurang? Gimana ya kalo tiba-tiba isi tabungan gw bertambah banyak? Kalo yang terakhir sih didiemin aja ihikhik

On last friday at 16.30 WIB I took 100,000 rupiahs from ATM Mandiri at Plaza Semanggi. Jreng jreng, one of 50,000 came out with… torn! It’s totally not my fault!I got panicked. It was at the mal (no bank office). And friday afternoon (all banks had closed). What should I do? Where should I go? Who’s responsible for this? How could I prove it? Then I called Call-Mandiri 14000. They said that I could exchange it in any Mandiri office.

So on monday (which is today), I went to Mandiri office at Wisma Tugu Kuningan (the nearest one from my english course place, Menara Kuningan) just before I attend my course. So I didn’t go there for that certain purpose.

After they discussing it, they said that they couldn’t exchange it because the serial number part of the money was gone. If it’s torn at the upper part, or just any parts except the serial number, then they could. Instead they suggested me to go to Bank Indonesia, or any Mandiri offices closed to Plaza Semanggi xpasti

Yeah right, it will cost me then (transport-expense and time). Goodness it’s only a sheet of 50,000 rupiahs. Just take it as I was being unlucky when back there (and it was a sign actually, shit really happened on that night).

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