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Land of the Lost Review

So yesterday my friend and I were going to watch premiere of Land of the Lost in Shaw Lido Cineplex. This is my first time experience watching in this cinema, I would say the place is very unique and not user friendly, the ticket booth is isolated behind a wall stage. Well I didn’t purchase tickets there since I got them free, I just had to show the email invitation print out and my IC on omy booth near Lido 3 theatre.

At the beginning all I know was Land of the Lost is a comedy adventure movie, with Will Ferrell on it. It starts with Dr. Rick Marshall‘s theory about parallel time dimension and his invention of time travel machine. When he almost gives up with his theory, there comes a british assistant research named Holly that is helping him to test his travel machine in an isolated theme park.

Along with a huckster tour guide named Will, they got sucked into parallel prehistoric dimension and got friends tenuously with a primate named Chaka. Not only has problem relationship with Chaka, Rick also makes war with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. In the way, they meet mysterious race of creatures called Sleestaks who wants to conquer the world. So apart from how to find the travel machine to take them back to their world, they also have to deal with this T-Rex and how to prohibit the creatures from coming into their world.

It is very relax to watch this movie after working, because we don’t have to think much with its simple story. It is also very stupid and humorous on Chaka’s life, how Rick likes to insult Chaka and fight T-Rex, well on many things. But the jokes mostly are for grown-ups, not appropriate for children. I would rate this movie for 5 of 10 points.


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