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Learning Hip Hop Moves

In a posting last year, I said that I was interested in joining regular Hip Hop dance class. Been looking for course with reasonable price, I finally joined the one in Sports & Recreation Centre near my flat (just across the street, very nice right?!). It’s $80 for 12 sessions, quite cheap compare to usual dance schools that charge around $10-$15 per session! There are about 20 people joining this term with me, from young teenagers until late 20s, which slowly disappearing one by one 😛 (tonight only 10 people coming). Classroom is very nice, better than in any dance schools I have seen. It is very big, all covered with mirror and woody floor. The teacher is not bad. Even though he still cannot blend much with participants and cannot make the class more alive, but his Hip Hop skill is unquestionable. The duration is 1 hour, once a week every Tuesday night. For me, it’s good for exercise and getting away from problems in real life for a while. Cause every time I dance, I so feel young and free again. Or like Usher said: feel like a zombie gone back to life 😀

Except learning a little bit popping, sliding, freestyle, body wave and other basic Hip Hop things, in the first 5 classes we danced into a Korean Hip Hop song with strong beats. Then since last week we’ve started a new song that’s quite slow: Mad by Ne-Yo. It’s getting more difficult and it made me frustrating in the beginning, but I will practice more often! Here a short video of the dance.

Wanna try? 😉

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