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Letter for Harry

I wrote this for IHP Writing Contest. The contest is about writing a letter for Harry when he is in The Burrow attending Bill & Fleur’s wedding. We could write about anything from anyone.

Dear Harry,

I’m a muggle but somehow I know about your magic world and I’m OK with that (it’s nice to share this earth with witches and wizards ^_^) .

I know this is strange to ask, but have you met Oliver Wood lately? It has been 3 years I didn’t hear about him again. Is he still in Puddlemere United? Unfortunately there’s no anything news about Quidditch in muggle world (but I quietly often watch Kick & Rush, hoping that he moved his career into football <_<).

I also made a letter to Wood. Well…I know you’ve been so busy with horcrux things, but could you help me sending that letter to Wood? I heard that y’all have an intelligent technology called Owl, which is able to send message to someone wherever he/she is. And if Wood would like to reply my letter, please teach him how to send a letter in muggle style. Please Harry, I miss him a lot!

Thanks, and hope you always success against You-Know-Who.

Best regards,

PS. Was Mr.Postman bewildered when he brought this letter to the peculiar Ron’s house? Btw, send my greetings to Ron ^_^

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