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Macau Race

Bungee Jumping in Macau Tower
April 30th, 2009Around 9 am in the morning, from Hotel we’re heading to St. Augustine’s Square. There are 5 objects we can see there which located not too far from each other: St. Lawrence, Dom Pedro V Theater, St. Augustine’s Church, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, and St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church. The cobblestones pavement reflects the traditional Portuguese streetscape.

Then we walked again to Lilau Square, Penha Church and A-Ma Temple. Penha Church is located quite high, we can see Macau city and Macau Tower from up there. At noon, we’re all already too hungry and tired (but happy), so we took taxi to bring us to Macau Tower. Well that was kinda wrong decision to have lunch in Macau Tower because restaurants there are all expensive.

As you know, Macau Tower offers the highest bungee jumping in the world. But even if somebody pay for me, I don’t want to give it a try. We just went up to Observation Lounge in 59th floor, it’s already freaking me out haha. There’s also Sky Walk, Sky Jump and Mast Climb if you want to try other adrenaline experiences.

After that, we’re heading to Coloane Village, into another island of Macau. In some references they said that this area is very nice to see Macau houses in Portuguese style, but actually it’s not that worth it to go long way from Macau. But well egg tart there is the best!

Afternoon, we wanted to go back to Macau city… by trying bus! It’s so difficult to understand the track in bus stop. And it’s more difficult asking people around. After a while, we decided to stop any bus passing by, asked the driver whether it goes to Largo de Senado or not. Senado Square is the centre of Macau since the beginning, and plays host to many public events and festivities. It’s like Orchard in Singapore, but in European style.

It is indeed very nice. There are also some cultural historical buildings around it: Leal Senado Building, Holy House of Mercy, and St Dominic’s Church. We bought some foods then to hotel to get ready to go to Casinos 😉

I thought we need to be well-dressed to enter casino, moreover in a luxury building like Venetian resort in Taipa. Venetian casino is the largest casino in the world. We can’t take pictures and children can’t pass by inside, but actually the clothes are very very casual. You don’t have to wear gown or tuxedo. I was just trying the slot machine games, still affordable for us. Well one of us tried to play blackjack with HKD 100, only got 2 chips and it’s gone in… 1 minute. Well we don’t have any gambling skills.

After walking around in this huge and gorgeous Venetian resort (I’ll talk more about it in the next posting), we visited one casino in Macau city, Lisboa. It’s located beside Grand Lisboa hotel. I found this area is not too safe for girls being around alone. The casino is also not as convenient as Venetian. But it was really like being in Las Vegas with all the lights.

(*)Courtesy to Arie for some pictures. Click the images for bigger view.


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