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Meet Rokki: Air Asia In-Flight Entertainment

Low-cost carrier means a boring flight? Not anymore. Some AirAsia flights now offer its passengers a free in-flight entertainment using your own gadget called Rokki

What you need to do is to switch on the wi-fi connection in your smartphone or tab, and connect to FREE AirAsia ROKKI Wi-Fi. Voila, you can enjoy music, videos, and games. Although I am not interested in any of its videos and movies, I quite enjoy its music. There are few categories of music such as Classics, Pop and Korean music with about 20 songs each.

Pop Music category contains a list of up-to-date songs

You can also read the news and shop online. Since it’s a Malaysia airline, most news is about Malaysia though. While for the online shopping, I think it is not a big catch because who wants to wait for 1 month to get the items delivered to your home? And the price is not as cheap as Alibaba / Aliexpress.

As an online-savvy, the most feature I love is the free 2mb chatting plan for BIG members. BIG is the AirAsia membership program where you can collect points everytime you fly with AirAsia and get many promotions. Fortunately, I had already been a member for a long time, so I could easily log in to Rokki then get a one-time passcode to redeem the free chats. Once I redeemed, I could use WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, and Viber. It was so helpful for me that time because I needed to make some works discussions with my colleagues in WhatsApp (ha! Works keep bugging me even in my holiday). So if you want to use this free chat, better to sign up as the BIG member before your AirAsia flight, it’s free! They also have another plan for unlimited chats and internet but of course, you need to pay extra.

Nowadays smartphones get cheaper and almost everybody in the world has at least one.  When big airline company makes expenses in the newspaper daily and entertainment devices on each passenger seats, AirAsia utilize passengers’ own device and just invests in the server side. BIG thumbs up!

Currently, Rokki is only available in several AirAsia flights. Even AirAsiaX specializing in long flight does not have this 🙁 Hopefully, they install this onboard entertainment service as soon as possible in all AirAsia flights.

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