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Missing It

I really miss the 8th Asia Open Source Software Symposium (AOSSS), both the event and committee! I spend many times a day to see the pictures of the event. I become more aware with OS field. I read many articles about OS software in Asia. I start to like Japan culture (beside England and Italy). I take care all things connected with the event (like pen, pencil, map, bag, etc). And one thing that make me realize that I really miss the event is….when I was in Mrs Yani’s room, I saw the booklet of Westin Hotel on her desk, then I opened it. There were a strange feeling when I saw the pictures of the lobby, the room, the hall, the veranda, the pool, the stairs, ahhh….I want to be there again, in the same situation. Then, at the back of the booklet, there is a map of its building. I put my finger on the hall part (it was the symposium room) and moved my finger to trace the map towards Singaraja Room (it was the secretariat place). That is the path on where I often walked in Westin.

Others’ comment about 8th AOSSS:
budi rahardjo

Here is photos of the event.

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