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My First eBook: Gyeongju

Hello, 2016! Goodbye, 2015!

One of my resolutions in 2015 was writing one traveling ebook. This plan was actually begun in July 2012, just after I moved out from Seoul to Jakarta. For the first ebook, I started to write about Gyeongju…. and it finally finished in the end of 2015.

Yeah, this pretty much sums it up

Some reasons I think why it spent 2,5 years to finish this ebook are:

  1. I had not moved on yet from Korea. Every time I wrote something about Korea, I felt melancholy and remembering the old days and then I could not continue writing.
  2. I tried to find my best writing style for this itinerary series, which would be a general template for my next ebooks, hopefully
  3. My life was busy with pregnancy and baby
Hopefully writing my next ebooks will not take too much time like this again.
So here it is: The Lost Wanderer Itinerary Series: Gyeongju, can be read and downloaded free in Scribd. It tells the story of my 4 days trip to Gyeongju in June 2012. Quite long time already ya, so perhaps the fare stated here is not too accurate anymore. When I traveled I usually noted down every detail like expenses, places and transportation. With these notes, the picture collection I have and some googling, I could remember and assembly the full story of my Gyeongju trip few years back.

I hope this ebook will be enjoyable to read, and be helpful for other travelers.

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