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Oh My God They’re Back Again

Music I listen to is so random, one day trance music, the next day is.. pop boyband *SCREAM*! I think most people who grew up in 90s, cannot forget the boybands euphoria back then, or more appropriate to say ‘Male Vocal Group’: they only sing and dance without playing musical instruments. My favorite is Backstreet Boys (BSB), but I admit I know complete lyric of some songs from Boyzone, N’Sync and Westlife. Don’t you?! *giggles*

As I wrote here, BSB was coming to Singapore and I was going to see them! The concert was started quite late, about 30 minutes from schedule (but trust me, that is considering ‘on time’ compare to previous gigs I saw). They opened the show with… Everybody Backstreet’s back alright! Accompanying by one DJ, they performed old phenomenon songs like Quit Playin’ Games, As Long As You Love Me, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, All I Have To Give, The One, Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, Shape of My Heart, The Call, Larger Than Life, Incomplete, and the ultimate I Want It That Way. They said it was the last song they would perform that night. Then they were gone, but light was still off. Few people started to go out (poor them!), but the rest were still screaming “we want more!”….. and they’re back! Only for singing one more song, then the show was completely over. There were also some new songs, we would have noticed which ones new and which ones are old songs by the voices from audience. I hadn’t listened to any of their new songs, but they are quite catchy.

And the uncles boys danced! How old are they? They changed costumes like more than 5 times (even more than Lady Gaga!). During that time, we’ve been shown some kind of joke trailer movies starring each of BSB personnel (by the way, Kevin is already out from the group so left 4 uncles boys by now): Howie plays role in Fast and Furious, AJ‘s in Fight Club, Brian‘s in Enchanted with amusing prince costume, and the charming Nick plays in The Matrix!

Personally I am not a fan of pop song nowadays (I don’t like Jonas Brothers!). In fact, even tough I enjoy BSB show so much, but along the show I couldn’t stop laughing at myself: how come I liked this kind of music where the singers dancing with robotic and other amusing styles, singing slow songs by standing up on a chair, with mumbling sounds like “yee uhuk uhuk.. oww ow”, and lyrics like “Am I original? Am I the only one? Am I sexual?” OH MY GOD! Ahahaha. I was completely lost back then, feels like I was still young *SCREAM*. The audience mostly were on my age, ladies people who were teenage in 90s when Vocal Male Group was very booming. I hadn’t listened to BSB songs quite long (I listened again on the day of the concert) and I’m amazed I still can sing almost of their old songs! 

I really thank Backstreet Boys for the nostalgic feelings. But I would have enjoyed the show more, if there was a big screen for showing their face the stage closed-up. As a budget audience, I had the cheapest ticket in telescopic area. I know they have already stated ‘telescopic’ but I had no idea that it means we REALLY have to bring binoculars (actually I don’t know where to buy that kind of thing, do you?). So we ended up guessing which one is Nick, which one is Brian.. by looking at their silhouettes from faraway. Picture below is the stage view from my seat.

There was one big screen in the center of stage, but it was showing random pictures, sometimes their old pictures, and also trailer movies I have told you above. Also, no big poster or banner of them in front of the venue. Although you are not as famous as long times ago, boys, you could have made a better concert! Please come back to Southeast Asia again next year, and do not forget to put Jakarta on your list 😉

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