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Yesterday company event was playing Crossfire Paintball 2.0, in Singapore Discovery Center. The participants who joined mostly never played this before, and were not Singaporeans… of course leh, they already experienced this in National Service what! This place is located far far away from the city, the most west green line MRT station: Joo Koon. Ha, I wouldn’t take a visit until this far if not because this event (that’s what my friend Kevin said).

We played 3 modes: shoot the balloon, save the flag, and elimination. The first session is to shoot the balloon of the opponent that is located in opponent’s home base. The second one is to get our own flag that is located in the middle of field, then bring it to home base. Elimination is to shoot as many as possible of the other team, after being shot they can not go into the field again. My team only win the second session, (what I believe is) because we only got the good side at that time. FYI, the sides are really unfair: 23 of 25 winning was from the team that played in that specified ‘lucky’ side, the one that its maze is not too difficult to get to the closest place to other team’s home base to shoot them. Well yeah, it’s just a game (but the winner team got S$500! *gagal dapat THR T_T*).

This is absolutely not my kind of joy (fortunately it’s free). Each time my turn to play, I was afraid like hell blabbering: “I’m dead, I’m fucking dead, shit shit.” They said it’s gonna be painful… this is PAINball! Hopefully I only got shot on my left foot and the mask. I was so scared hearing the pellets flying around my body, geez I wanted to finish all the game quickly and go home lol. It was in the hot afternoon and I was fasting. Perfect! Next time, please get me into shopping war or something, then I can rule the game, ha!

Other attractions that can be found in Singapore Discovery Center are: iWERKS (2D-3D cinema), XD Theatre (4D simulation ride), SAFTI tour, shooting gallery, and Army Museum.

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