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Plagiarized Sinetron

Last night I found another plagiarized sinetron (serial TV), but it’s too hard not watching because the boys are so hot! Even my sister, who loves Korea movies so much, is not absent to watch them.

I want to tell those hot boys to stop playing in plagiarized sinetrons…but it’s not their fault because they just have to earn money and rise their popularity. I want to tell everybody to stop watching these sinetrons…but it just makes them wonder and watch the sinetrons. OK, start for myself, I won’t watch those sinetrons…but I think it doesn’t influence anything, they even increasingly mushroom because another million people still watch them.

One said that nowadays there are many demands for sinetrons, but the productions lack of the scipts, so the fast way is taking others movies’ script. But it’s ridiculous because now Indonesia has many new writers, even Erik Sobieski could write any sinetron script!

I feel so peevish that I can’t do anything about this plagiarism.

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