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Yesterday my Italian teacher show us his sister’s postcard that was sent from Italy to him 2 months ago. Behind the postcard, there is a picture of Piazza San Pietro.

I really had forgotten about this communication way…say hi with a picture which describes a place where you are. The one and only I had ever received a postcard is when my penpal from Finland had a holiday in Germany. I also had almost 100 penpals from Indonesia when I was in Aceh, but no one of them had ever sent me postcard. Neither do I, I never sent anyone a postcard too 😛

Everytime my Dad goes overseas, he always buy postcards from there. But, he doesn’t send us via post…he just gives them to us when he came back to Indonesia.

Indeed, it’s not common for Indonesia people to send postcard (except for quizzes :P). But now I wanna try…where can I get some cool Bandung postcards here?

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