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Review: Sapu Lidi Resort in Lembang

During our trip to Lembang last October, we stayed one night in Sapu Lidi Resort. Sapu Lidi, which means stick broom, is bringing a concept of back to nature. The cottages are spreading along soiled street around a small lake. There are few types of cottages, from small to big one, in the lakeside or not facing the lake. I booked Standard Room so our terrace was not facing the lake (but we could glimpse a little of it haha). All rooms have traditional old decoration and stuff but there are modern items like TV cable, water heater and fast free wifi, of course.

The view from our terrace

Each cottage is standing on its own and having distance to each other, so it was quite private. Not like normal hotels that number their guests rooms, this resort put Sundanese words for each cottage. Our cottage is called Kembang Desa (literally means village flower but metaphorically means beautiful village girl). I took a walk at 6.30 am in the morning circling the lake with my daughter, and it was really refreshing!

Morning walks

When we came down for breakfast, we chose one hut in the middle of rice field (but still close to foods table :D), and had our meals there. My daughter really loves climbing down and up the hut and always followed each of us when taking the foods. They served only Indonesian foods (except bread?) with traditional cakes and traditional tableware (plates/glasses), love it! This soothing restaurant is also famous among tourists traveling in Lembang. Many people come to this resort for lunch or dinner only without staying overnight.

After having breakfast, we walked around the eating areas a little bit then taking Sampan (traditional small boat) on the lake. There were 2 Sampan but only one driver available. We decided to wait the driver finish touring the other guests rather than taking the other Sampan and paddling it by ourselves. It was all free (maybe some tip to the driver).

Breakfast by the rice fields
Taking Sampan

I booked one night in this resort via for around Rp. 680,000 (including breakfast). What a deal! This resort was built by Bob Doank and managed by the same management with the other resort not faraway from Sapu Lidi (around 2.4km) which is called Imah Seniman (means artist house). Same like Sapu Lidi, Imah Seniman is also bringing the concept of back to nature. The difference is, while Sapu Lidi is praising the beauty of sleeping and eating by rice fields and lake, in Imah Seniman guests feel like sleeping inside a forest and by the river. Hmmm so tempting, maybe I would stay there next time I go to Lembang again.

In conclusion, I really had a good time staying in Sapu Lidi Resort. It was so natural, a lot of greens, refreshing me from the hectic big city.

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