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Singapore Is Small, But Not The World

Two days ago in a lunch.

Friend 1: So, you’re from China? How long have you been in Singapore?
Friend 2: About 6 years. I had studied here for 4 years.
Friend 1: You don’t want to go back to China?
Friend 2: Maybe someday. But I need to finish my contract first. I got scholarship here so I have to work in Singapore for 6 years after graduated.
Friend 1: So after 6 years you may be able to go back? If I were you, I will go back to China. Living here is so boring. You know, Singapore is so small. While in China you can go to many places.
Friend 2: Why you think like that?! Here we also can go to many nearest places, like to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc… it’s the same right?! The matter is only you want to go or not.

I was like “Auooo.. you rock, Friend 2!” I’m also tired of people judgement like this. Some Indonesians I know always grumble how they bored living here even before 1 year (but hey, why you’re still here anyway?!). I doubt that if they lived in Indonesia they would go around all over cities (not only Jakarta-Bandung-Bali). And if you talked about transportation cost, you would find flying from one side to another side of Indonesia is sometimes much higher than Singapore-Bangkok.

There is much to see. All you have to do is open your eyes (and your wallet haha!).

And speaking of going around, it’s hard to find free-easy-cute-travel-template-XML blogger. I hope someone can design one for me (siapa gw??!). This one is the closest I can get, very cute right?! And psycho, indeed. So here it is my new blog theme. Let’s walk walk!

5 thoughts on “Singapore Is Small, But Not The World”

  1. Wah, OK banget deh lo Rik! Di Jawa sendiri aja banyak banget lho tempat menarik yang bisa dikunjungi. Ga usah ke luar negeri dulu deh, di Nusantara ini masih banyak koq tempat yang bisa dijelajahi.

    Hmm, kita harus bangga lho, kalo jadi WN Singapur, mereka butuh negara-negara lain untuk jalan-jalan, hahaha.

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