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Some People are Just Egoist

I started reading and loving Harry Potter since the first printing of its first book from Gramedia (its publisher in Indonesia). Should I be offended by the newbie Harry Potter freaks out there who just started creating a fan group? No!

I started reading and loving Raditya Dika books since the first printing of his first from-blog-to-book that was ON SALE in every bookshop because it didn’t sell well in the first year. Should I be offended by his sudden thousands newbie alay fans? No!

I started reading and loving Naked Traveler books since the first printing of her first book, I came to her talkshow that was attended by only few people. Should I be offended by the newbie travelers who just read her book and said “hey, this is a must-read book for travelers, you should have it”? No!

I started using twitter more than two years ago when twitter was still private and peaceful. Should I be offended by the newbie tweeters who claim themselves as Social Media Junkie/Expert or whatsoever with so many followers even though their tweets are nonsense? No!

Why people are so protective to what they even do not own? Everyone can like Harry Potter even if he/she knows it recently. Everyone can like Raditya Dika books even if he/she’s alay. Everyone can like Naked Traveler books even if he/she’s traveling only for shopping and not so adventurous like Trinity (the author). Everyone can use Twitter even if he/she’s selling something. Everyone can be a fan of GONZALO HIGUAIN even if she (this one might be specific for girls :P) just realized there’s this upcoming handsome football star in the earth. What is your problem sih, I know you have been a fan of him since… I don’t know, since he was born maybe, but you don’t have any rights to insult people who just join your interests.

By the way, he IS REALLY hot, isn’t he?

Also, I heard skeptical words about people who don’t like football but suddenly being noisy for this World Cup event. That is egoist! World Cup is not yours only, or football freaks’ only. Who knows, because of World Cup they’re going to love football afterwards. Now I AM OFFENDED by these kind of snob people.

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