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Theme of MAY

My theme of this month is Spread the Friendship. This idea came yesterday morning when I feel so alone in my board room (red. kosan). Since there aren’t many lessons anymore to be attended, I become more far from my if03 friends (except sangkuriang studio and ones who are often based in Gaib). I rarely talk with them again, only chat via y!m. I miss talking each other on stairs, coridor, or in front of door class. I want to ask them about their life, I want to be asked about my life.

Except that, lately I became hating everyone. I hate someone because he’s….well I think I don’t write it here. Because the people I hate are so many and some of them are my own friends. At first I think they are wrong. But since all people are wrong in my eyes, I realize that I’m the one who is wrong. I have to clean my heart (just like AA Jim said, “Jagalah hati, jangan kau ingkari”).

Also I get bored with my currently day activities, going to Labtek V, coming into Gaib, starting the computer, chatting via y!m, checking email, browsing thesis things, going to the next Labtek (italy course / robotics lesson / tutor (red. bimbingan) with Pak Ari), going home……argghh hate them! Now my default face is 😐 or 🙁
I think it’s the influence of playing with computer all the time.

I want to change my default looks into 🙂 I try smile as many as I could (although when in my room where I don’t meet anyone). So the effect will be between I’ll get many friends or I’ll be crazy because smiling all the time (red. senyum2 sendiri). But I believe a smile is an inexpensive way to improve my looks.

So my friends, what’s up?! When I see you in the corridor, trust me I will greet you with a big smile 😀

7 thoughts on “Theme of MAY”

  1. In Bahasa aja ya Rik..

    Actually pekerjaan gw juga bosenin rik, gitu-gitu aja, setiap saat menyentuh dan melihat layar komputer.

    Ingin mencari tantangan baru..
    Tapi tantangan lama belum selesai2.. (baca : TA)

  2. Hi rika, how’s life??

    “..Because the people I hate are so many and some of them are my own friends..”

    Is one of them supposed to be me? Is it because of the “hardly” thing? Wait a sec, am I your own friend? Whatever the answer, you’re my own friend anyway!

    Happy theme of may.. (naon si?)

    ps: I can hardly imagine how my life would be without a friend like you, hehe.. peace yo!

  3. Your story’s just similar with mine. I rarely came and talk to friends in Labtek V. I only came in Tuesday and Thursday, one hour each, just to sit and listening Metode Numerik lecture.
    I spent everyday in a small room in Comlabs, with my friends here. Of course if you want to chat with me, I will definitely respond it gladly. Or maybe we could arrange to go to theatre again. POTC 3 will coming soon.
    (hayah susah juga pake english)

  4. @bram
    paralel aj bram, bosen kali TA muluk -_-;

    deuuh you’re very metal (mellow total)…I hardly believe I could hate you, cho! *grinned* (awas klo ngungkit2 itu lg!!!)

    hi jelek! how’s life? still bad? it’s indeed suitable for an ugly person like u (kikikik!)

    deal 🙂

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