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Tinkerbell Wannabe

My company’s Dinner and Dance (DnD) this year was held last week in one of ballrooms in Resort World Sentosa. As committee, we chose that place because it was quite new in Singapore therefore could bring more enthusiasm for people to come. DnD is an annual event from companies to unite their employees together and celebrate what has been achieved during a year… in summary: free deluxe dining foods haha! I think it is only common in Singapore. My company’s branches in other countries like China and France, do not have this event. Or maybe I just don’t know it.

Including this year, I have been attending DnD party 3 times. First time was in December 2008 when I just joined the company. Theme of the party that time was MTV Night, everything about music. But I did not dress up anything since I was newbie and I still had no idea what it was all about. The girls all dressed up so pretty in a night gown, I felt not confident at all! But never mind, I just wanted to enjoy the foods and the show. I was new in town, everything still looked amazing to me.

But then something happened, MC called employees who just joined company less than 2 weeks to come upstage. My friends pushed me, so yeah, I went upstage not knowing what would happen to me (actually I hoped I could get some prize). There were about 5 people on stage, our eyes were closed by a cover. DJ was playing some kinds of songs, and we were supposed to dance according to the song: Indian, 80s, Rock, RnB, Dangdut (seriously they played Kopi Dangdut!), Pop, Arabian….. phewww finally the music stopped! MC released my eye-cover and ta da….. I was alone on the stage! Nobody’s around anymore, all people were laughing and clapping their hands looking at me, even the VIP guests (directors) sitting in the fronts were giving me standing ovation. Apparently while we’re dancing, MC released one by one until the best dancer staying alone! This is a picture of one of my rival dancers.

Last year DnD’s theme was 80’s and not too memorable. This year we had Movie Star theme! Since 2 months ago I had planned to come as, of courseHermione Granger.

Until 3 days before the day, I changed my mind. I realized the girls would come all pretty, glamorous and sexy, while my costume would be too boring, dark and plain. I doubt people would recognize it as Hermione Granger anyway, they would say: “are you dressed up?”

So 3 days before DnD, I went with some friends walking around Bugis looking for costume rental shop. We found one in Iluma: Otaku House. They have interesting stuff but only related to Japanese characters which are not my cup of tea. On the way home to MRT, I found a simple green dress in a woman clothing shop. The dress made me think of Tinkerbell, so I bought it (SALE anyway!). On the next day after work, I and a friend went to No 1 Costume Costume shop which was not in the middle of city, was located far from my office and home, but was selling fairy wings I needed for Tinkerbell. Blimey, I did not regret at all for going there, they had GREAT collections of costume to rent and buy! I could spend many hours trying the clothes and hats, but they’re closed at 8 PM. Quite expensive tho, but it is the most complete costume shop in Singapore. I heard from a friend, there are other good costume shops also in Far East Plaza Orchard which are more convenient to go. Maybe next time.

The next night, I did some preparations for the dress, the wand (I used my Voldemort wand haha, sorry Voldie!) and the whole looks for the next day event. Tadaa… I am Tinkerbell!

There were a lot of people dressed up as well!

I was chosen as 5 best female dresses. Now I am a little bit famous at office. Yesterday when I passed by some guy I didn’t know, he said: “hi Tinker!”

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