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Transportation in Jeju Island

These are some remarks regarding public transportation in Jeju.

  • Buses in Jeju Island accept Seoul’s t-money card. You can buy and top-up it in convenience store, like GS25 and Family Mart.
  • City buses normally charge 1000won for cash, or 950won for t-money card. If you pay by card, tap it to the machine when you aboard and when you alight. If you transit between 2 buses during a certain times, fee for the next bus can be 0won, or free.
  • Intercity buses vary depends on the distance, usually between 1000-3000won. There’s no different fee paying with cash or card. When you aboard the bus, tell the driver about your destination, he will tell you how much it is, and you have to pay there directly. If you pay by card, no need to tap it again when you get off.
  • There are 2 bus terminals in Seogwipo city. The main bus terminal is in the south-east of downtown, near the Jeongbang Waterfall, which is also the old one. The second one is to the right of the E-mart in front of the World Cup Stadium. I usually stopped and transited in the main bus terminal.
  • Almost every bus in Jeju equipped with English announcement, so you’ll know what next stop is. Every stop also has name written so you can see it clearly, especially if you sit on the right side. I always sat on the right side.
  • Taxi fare in Jeju Island is quite cheap, compare to Seoul. The initial meter charge is 2200won.
Cute bus stop in Jeju Island

This is the public transportation I took to go to places I mentioned in this post.

East of Jeju Island

I visited East of Jeju when I was staying in Jeju-si in HKJeju II. The hostel is just 10 minutes away from Jeju Bus Terminal, so if you travel with 2-3 people, it’s easier and cheaper to take taxi. I was traveling alone and I needed to safe my spending in transportation. People say, taking bus in Jeju is not easy and wasting time because the bus is not so frequent. But if you know the bus timing, you know when exactly you have to go to the bus stop, and you will not waste your time for waiting.

Bus 100 schedule from my hostel (Dongmun Rotary bus stop동문R) to Jeju Bus City Terminal 터미널

From Jeju City Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for the East Coast (Dongilju) in platform 4. This is the bus timing (click the picture to enlarge).

Try getting the bus as early as you can, because the journey to the east is gonna be loooong! The bus goes along the east coast road. Take a seat on the left side so you can see some sea views during the journey.

First stop is Manjanggul Ipgu (Manjang Cave Entrance). It takes around 45 minutes from Jeju Bus Terminal and costs 2000won.

My bus ticket to Manjanggul Ipgu

The bus stop is located on the main road. You need to walk further inside for 2 km (about 30 minutes) to Manjanggul. There is a bus to go inside, but it’s not frequent. The best alternative might be taking taxi. There are few taxis already waiting near the bus stop. I hopped directly to one of the taxis. I didn’t check it in the beginning, I just realized the driver didn’t turn on the taxi meter when I reached the destination. I paid 4000won for that short trip. If there was a meter, it should be only 2500won. But I guess that’s the way in Manjanggul. The driver will not use the meter but you should ask and bargain the fare in the beginning. The road to Manjanggul was surrounded by empty forest and fields, so it might not be convenient for those who are afraid of being alone 😀

Gimnyeong Maze Park
Manjanggul to Gimnyeong Maze Park is walking distance, only 500meters away. From Gimnyeong Maze Park back to the main road, I decided to walk because I was still upset about the taxi without meters. But when I started to walk, a vacant taxi stopped by and offered me a ride. He wanted to go to the main road also, so he gave me cheaper price “2000won?” Ok then! *I’m too easy* 😛

Udo Island
From the same bus stop in Manjanggul, take the same bus (bound to Dongilju) to Seongsan Port, about 45 minutes (1500won). From Seongsan Port bus stop, you have to walk further for about 10minutes towards the port. There you can buy entrance ticket to Udo Island. There are few times of ferry schedule each day. Make sure you can come back to the main island by the latest ferry at 4.30pm.

Seongsan Ilchulbong
Walk back to Seongsan Port bus stop. Take the same bus (Dongilju) or take taxi to Seongsan Ilchulbong. It is very close, maybe only 3-4 stops away by bus. On the way there, you can see already the peak from faraway, it is really beautiful. From Seongsan Ilchulbong bus stop, walk to the entrance for about 10minutes. You won’t get lost because there will be many tourists also going to the same direction.

Walk back to Seongsan Ilchulbong bus stop, take the same bus (Dongilju bus) to Seongsan-eup Goseong-ri bus stop. It’s so easy right, all those destinations above are served by one bus. Seopjikoji is quite isolated. There is no bus stop close to this place. The closest one is Seongsan-eup Goseong-ri stop, yet you still have to take taxi from there (about 3500won). Did I tell you that Seopjikoji is my most favorite place in Jeju Island? It’s really worth it to visit.

Going back to Jeju-si, you have to call a taxi to pick you up in Seopjikoji, because there are no taxis waiting in that place. Last time, I asked for help from an Ahjumma who managed the parking lot. I told her that I wanted to go to Jeju city by bus, and need a taxi to take me to the nearest bus stop who serves Dongilju bus (with a lot of body language). She called the taxi for me.

South of Jeju Island

Either you’re in Jeju-si, or Seogwipo-si, or in the airport, it’s easy to find a bus to Jungmun Resort. It’s the most famous resort in Jeju Island having a complete attractions from natural, gardens, amusement parks and museums, hotels, restaurants and sport centers (including golf). From airport, take airport bus number 600 to Jungmun which costs 5000 won. There are buses from Jeju and Seogwipo bus terminal as well. I don’t know the name of the bus, but you can ask it in terminal itself. The airport bus will go inside Jungmun Resort, but other public buses will only stop on the main road in front of the entrance. There is Tourism Center on the entrance road to Jungmun.

Inside Jungmun Resort, you can just walk from one spot to another: Teddy Bear Museum – Ripley’s Museum – Cheonjeyeon Falls – Jusangjeolli Cliff.

Back to the bus stop on the main road, take any bus to the old Seogwipo bus terminal (ask the driver). That terminal is close to the other attractions: Jeongbang Falls, Cheonjiyeon Falls and Oedolgae. Cheonjiyeon is located between Jeongbang and Oedolgae. So the route should be: Jeongbang – Cheonjiyeon – Oedolgae. Take taxi to go to each place (around 2500won per ride).


There are 2 trails of Hallasan that lead to the summit: Seongpanak and Gwaneumsa. I chose to take Seongpanak trail, and go back via that trail again because there is public bus to go there. From Jeju Bus Terminal, take intercity bus bound to Seongpanak (about 35 minutes, cost 1500won). Take the same bus with opposite direction to go back to Jeju city. The bus runs quite frequently. While the public bus that goes to the other trail, Gwaneumsa, only runs on weekend. Unless you’re really lucky, you rarely can find this bus. Taxi between Jeju city and Gwaneumsa trail entrance would take around 20,000won.

In a nutshell, I think it’s not that difficult to take public transportation in Jeju Island. It’s cheap (but still convenient), and the best part is you can blend with the locals. They are friendly and willing to help the tourists.

33 thoughts on “Transportation in Jeju Island”

  1. Wow! You'll spend one month only in Jeju, or the whole Korea? I only tried Olle 7, which is from Oedolgae Rock, but I didn't finish it, only half way and I gave up haha. There was one cute coffee shop in that trail, I stopped there for almost 1 hour, lol. Have fun in Jeju-do!

  2. Hey there.. Tq for these infos.. I've been looking for a blog which can provide me the info about the bus schedule for so long.. Till i found you..!!! You are my bigger help and your itinerary was 90% same as mine.. But i think your itinerary was better than mine.. I think i need to change a few about my itinerary.. Btw, thank you very much..

  3. Thank you for this post, you just made my day !
    I'm going alone to Jeju and was worried about transportation, since all my Korean friends were surprised when I told them I would take the bus to move around there… But your post will be most helpful, even more so my schedule is almost exactly the same as you =)
    Again, thank you so much ! =D

  4. Rika, How did u travel to Jeju? By air or ferry i'm trying very hard to book flight from seoul to jeju. Is there a link that we can book cheap flight before we reach korea. Or can the kto help to book ticket.

  5. Hi, I took Eastar Jet plane from Gimpo Airport to Jeju. I booked the ticket online via their website: There is an English menu. You can also try Jeju Air, their website has English menu as well. I don't think kto can book the flight, but they perhaps can recommend any travel agent to book the flight.

  6. Very helpful post but I am wondering how do you understand those bus schedules since they are in Korean. Didn't see any English name..

  7. Hi, I can read Hangeul (very slowly haha) even though I don't understand the meaning. But you don't need to understand it as long as you know the name of the place. For example the bus stop near my hostel is named "Dongmun". I looked in the schedule and found 동문 (read: Dongmun), that means it is my bus stop. Something like that 😀

  8. Hi Rika. Thanks for the super helpful post!! 🙂
    Just wondering how much will it be to take a taxi from Jeju-si to the east (eg, Seopjikoji) and from Jeju-si to the south (eg, Seogwipo-si)?

  9. Hi Rika,

    How many days were you at Jeju? i'm.planning to go Korea in May and still thinking if I should drop by Jeju… Plus, do you think it'll be easy getting ard the place with no knowledge of Hangul?

    – Yan

  10. Is it a rush to cover manjanggul, udo, seongsan ilchubong and seopjikoji in one day by bus? I am planning this Same trip by bus when I am in Jeju next month. Can we walk from bus stop to the church at seopjikoji? Is it too far? I also guess the bus fare has also gone up.

  11. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your blog about Jeju. It is very informative 🙂 Me and my frinds are having a trip this October in Jeju and we'll follow your itinerary. The only problem is we also want to go to Folk village, Jeju stone park and Sangumburi crater. Is it near seopjikoji? Will appreciate your reply. thanks 🙂

  12. Very helpful guide.. Thanks! I Just want to ask, is there any suggestions on what to wear in months of June-july. Is the weather ok during this time? Thanks! ��

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