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Traveling Soundtracks

About 4 days ago, I listened up to Musicovery again, after feeling sick with playlist in my iPod. Its interface was changed a lot in a better way. I tuned in What’s new? for the new songs (up to 1 year ago) while continuing my work in the office. Suddenly it played one familiar song that reminds me of France. At first I thought it was one of Amélie movie songs, but the lyric/melody was not too French. I opened the tab to check the title and singer: Riverside by Agnes Obel….. “hemm never heard about that”.

And finally I realized, it was a song that accompanied me in flight to/from Paris last time. It is a slow and relaxing song so people can sleep conveniently during the flight. I like that song, but did not know what song it was (thank you Musicovery for discovering it for me). Oh what a nostalgic song, now I keep listening to it when I sleep, to remember those days in Europe. I really miss it.

Here are some my traveling soundtracks other than Riverside above.

Pure Shores by All Saints – Aceh, Indonesia
It is the main soundtrack for all beach destination, isn’t it? I kept listening to this song when I visited beautiful beaches in Banda Aceh and Weh Island. It was my first visit to Weh Island (the most western part of Indonesia) and I fell in love so much. I spent 2 nights and 3 days there with my friend from Banda Aceh. In the ferry back to the main land Banda Aceh, I sit by myself near the window, trying to see the last sight of Weh Island while the ferry was leaving. I listened to this song and cried. I am sure I will be back there one day. It’s funny that this song reminds me more about my traveling to Aceh instead of my trip to Phi Phi Island and Phuket.

Nobody But You by Wonder GirlsPhuket, Thailand
I don’t like this song, but it kept sounding in my head after watching Simon Cabaret in Phuket, a lady-boy (beautiful transgender from Thailand) show. In the show, they danced to this song very similarly, even more flirty than the real Wonder Girls, which can make you shocked and amused. So sorry Wonder Girls, now your song reminds me of Thai’s lady-boys.

I Am Strong by TiëstoKuching, Malaysia
Actually the song is about being strong for being alone after breaking up in a relationship. But somehow I perceived it as being strong for being alone in a foreign country. I have no problem traveling alone, but at that time I was not in the mood of solo-traveling and wanting to have friends besides me. So I kept listening to this song to make me strong and enjoy the trip.

Insomnia by Craig David – Lombok/Bali, Indonesia
It was one of songs we sang/karaoke during the long ferry ride from Bali to Lombok.

And many more. Do you have soundtrack(s) to memorize your previous trips?

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