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Tributë to Tiësto

I’ve been listening to Tiësto since 2006, when I was still young, *ahem* in university. He was coming to Jakarta and Bali at that time, and I watched his performance…… ads in local television. The ads was about date and venue of his tour in Indonesia and where to get the tickets, but it’s not important because I didn’t go to the show. What really important is I just fell in love directly with backsound of the ads. It’s supposed to be one of Tiësto tracks, but I didn’t know the title. There is no vocal in that song (it’s a trance music, what do you expect?!), so I couldn’t google the lyric to find its title. I never listened to Tiësto playlists before, that was the first time I heard about his name anyway. So everytime the ads showing in TV, I paid full attention. I love the beat!

I started to listen to his latest album, Just Be, and find which track was the one in the ads. It’s called Traffic! Tiësto introduced me to Trance and Disco music, since then I like this kind of music. It feels dark but wrapped in joyfulness. At that time I was in miserable phase of my life where I didn’t like anybody and everything in me, it was complicated… I can’t describe it well. I know the problem is not going away if I listen to this kind of music, but it just makes me feel that I am not alone, and I could be happy for a while. I used to listen to it when I was sad, makes me high. Weird, isn’t it?

I dreamed of coming to Tiësto show someday. Until last year I hadn’t experienced the live trance music, I’d just collected Tiësto albums and some other compilation remix. Now I know some other great DJs, but still Tiësto is one of the favorites. That’s why I hoped I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch his show last week in Jakarta! It was not easy, I admit, to convince BF and persuade sister to cover me up for going home too late, somehow I wish Tiësto also performed in Singapore for this Kaleidoscope tour.

Nowadays, with internet and twitter things, we can get in touch with our idols easily. Who’s not following his/her favorite artists in twitter, huh? It was so fun to read Tiësto’s tweets about his arrival in Jakarta city, getting ready to the show, uploading picture of him on the backstage (I am that geek, still twittering when I was on the show)….. and he asked this: “Any requests Jakarta?” I don’t know whether he read it but I replied to him, of course, my favorite track: “@tiesto TRAFFIC!!!”

There were some local DJs spinning before Tiësto, but I suddenly got stomachache. I was moaning all night, shit shit why tonight?! But when Tiësto was playing, I couldn’t stop dancing around. OK, not really all the time, but mostly I forgot about the sickness. By the way, there are some trance music with vocal and lyric where we could sing along. I watched some famous DJs before in Singapore, when they were playing their hits, many people singing together, made me so amazed, how do these people know the lyrics?! But in Tiësto performance last week, when I really know some of the lyrics, too bad not many people mumbling and singing along, not many people knew his playlists (did I stand in the wrong crowd?). Then the raining poured, more mud, I am so glad that I could make it until Tiësto finally played Traffic, yippie!

I know it’s kinda exaggerated, but one of my dreams has come true.

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