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Trick Art Museum: Seoul vs Jakarta

Actually this is a little bit related to my previous post: Dapuraya. After looking for peci in other places, we finally decided to buy the one we saw in Pasaraya. When we paid in the cashier, I read a brochure about the benefits of Pasaraya Passport. Remember, I had it after my first visit to Pasaraya before. Other than for collecting points, Passport could be used for discounts in parking fee, and 50% discounts in entering Trick Art Museum in the 7th floor.

I stunned. Entering what? Trick Art Museum, isn’t it the one I’d been to in Hongdae, Seoul? It’s an exhibition or gallery with tricky paintings. The objects in the paintings looked alive, or you can be part of the paintings. I love to take pictures with this kind of Trick Art, for example: Angel Wings. I definitely will come for a visit next time.

My third visit to Pasaraya was with my sister to specially come to Trick Art Museum. We also went together to Trick Art Museum in Seoul, so she’s my partner in crime for this kind of thing.

Trick Art Museum, Hongdae, Seoul
Entrance Fee 
Adults: 13,000won (individual) / 10,000 won (group of 20)
Youth: 11,000won (individual) / 8,000 won (group of 20)
Children 3 years old and younger: FREE
Operating Hours
Everyday, 10.00-22.00

It was difficult to spot Trick Art Museum entrance in the midst of Hongdae crowds. From Exit #9 of Hongdae Station (Subway Line 2), walk straight for 200 meters towards the Starbucks coffee shop. The entrance was quite small, and it went down to the basement. The whole area was not too big but packed with funny trick paintings. This place also had a gallery and a cafe which are themed in Greek.

There was also Trick Art Museum in Jeju Island. I passed the place but didn’t go inside, because I went alone at that time. This kind of place wasn’t fun by going alone, cause it’s difficult for you to find someone who could take you pictures with those paintings all the time.

Trick Art Museum, Pasaraya Blok M, Jakarta
Entrance Fee
Adult: Rp. 70,000 (Monday to Friday), Rp. 80,000 (Saturday – Sunday)
Student: Rp. 60,000
Children: FREE
Operating Hours
Everyday, 10.00-22.00

This museum was located in the 7th floor of Pasaraya shopping mall. It was not as big as Trick Art Museum in Seoul, but quite entertaining. If there’s not much people (last time on Friday night we were the only visitors :P), you could finish it in 1 hour. The area was divided by few sessions based on their theme: famous painting session, Korean session, animal session, and so on. I think some new arts were coming as they’re working on them. As you can see, some trick arts were the same with the ones in Korea. One must-have art in Trick Art Museum was definitely Angel Wings.

My friend said this museum was opened before in Grand Indonesia, another shopping mall in Jakarta. Now it’s moved to Pasaraya. Go check it!

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