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Walking Disaster

This has been a hard week for me…running all the way, hiding from the world, blaming on myself, grumbling all day, crying out loud. Until at the end of the week, I was pulled out from this black hole.

Today a friend ‘poked’ me harshly, make me realize that the problem is me. I am the one who made myself failed. I wasn’t disciplined. I didn’t set up the schedule. I ran away from bug/error. I just didn’t have any intention or willing to finish my own thesis.

Today I went home, with parents welcomed my arrival nicely. Brother offered his help for my thesis. Father consulted me for almost 2 hours, trying to give some advices.

  1. “Do you need extra money for paying someone to make your program?” –> Err…you’re very wise, Dad!
  2. “Do you need me or your mom to come to Bandung to talk with your teacher about your problem or something?” –> Err…what??! No, thanks!
  3. “I know you have had that mobile internet with XL-Centrin, but if you need the faster one like Wimode, just tell me, Ok?!” –> Err…why you don’t say that before I registered this Centrin crap??!
  4. “If you find a problem, don’t be shy to ask your teacher or some friends. Actually your guy friends, they must be willing to help a girl.” –> Err…does my dad ask me to be a bitch, seduce my guy friends??!
  5. “You have to pray to God a lot. Just believe in God! Don’t believe anything from Harry Potter’s stories! There’s no magic in this world, you have to fight with your own power” –> Err…Harry Potter is rock, Dad! You should read.

With consulting session from my parents and pat from my friend, I was rethinking of what I’ve done. Yes, I’ve been gone for so long. It’s time to get back. But since the deadline is just like…err 1 week later…I think it’s too late to save me.

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